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When I look at this piece, it takes me back to a certain place I went to in the past. Maybe it's because of the shapes, maybe it's because of the colours, but it certainly triggers something. Where does it take you?

Made of opal glass, which means that it is not transparent, but allows light to pass through. When the sun is on it, you'll see the depth of the colors and the design really comes to life.


All my stained glass panels are designed by me and completely handmade and because it is handmade, each work is unique! Cutting the glass by hand causes small imperfections or deviations to appear that create a unique look.


Most of my work is inspired by all kinds of events. Small trips to a city nearby or rides on the bike and I try to translate that into glass. So each work gives me a certain kind of feeling or a trip down memory lane.


Designed and made in The Netherlands.

© Bjorn Gort


Size: 19,5 x 31 cm

Includes a chain so you can place it in front of your window.


Sales Tax Included
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