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There it is. My brand new website. I wanted a new fresh look that aligned more with the stuff I make. Colorful, playful and a lot of useless references to music. I expanded my shop with a bunch of new stained glass pieces in all kind of different sizes. From now on you can place an order from all over the world.

To start off with a bang I’m giving every order a discount of 5% with the code: akf&39fJfnal72!@AD, just kidding, it’s actually: “TAKE5” (That’s another useless music reference.) The discount is only for stained glass.

I’m also excited to announce that I’m releasing my first t-shirt, which you can order. I’ve dreamed of creating my own t-shirts since I started making illustrations. So that will be a nice little side project!

The t-shirt is only €34,95 (excl. shipping cost, free shipping in the Netherlands). It’ll fit through your mailbox and you’ll receive a free ‘Thank you for your order, (put name here)’-card! But seriously, I’ll make a nice little package with a small drawing.

To reduce the price and climate footprint I’m printing no more than necessary. That means that you maybe have to wait a little longer than you are used to these days, but it’s for the greater good (THE GREATER GOOD (Hot Fuzz reference)).

Keep in mind that I’m just a small business and I don’t work with stock. If the shirt really doesn’t fit or you’re not happy with it then of course you can return it but you’ll have to pay the shipping costs for yourself. But you can also order two sizes and give one as a gift to a friend, your neighbor or a random person in the bus (but don’t ask that random person what their shirt size is, that might be weird).

I hope you enjoyed reading my first blog ever. Only took me about 132 minutes to write, but it was totally worth it.

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